Software Engineering Company. Vancouver, BC

“After suffering through little to no results with local realtors, we had the very good fortune of working with IAG. Our business was given great exposure to buyers all over the country. With IAG we were able to sell our business in a fraction of the time that we would have if we were limited to our local resources or trying to sell the business on our own.”

Satisfied Client, Laurel, Maryland

“We are pleased to inform you that we have SOLD our business to a buyer provided by IAG. We received a fair market price for our business and are now ready to retire. Thanks to the advertising and marketing services provided by IAG, we had several qualified buyers competing for our business. Thank you again for your services and we are looking forward to our next chapter in life.”

Satisfied Client, Olatha, Kansas

“The confidentiality process exercised in the selling of our business was the most defining aspect of this transaction. Not only was the buyer form our local area, but he was related to a long time former employee who had no knowledge of our desire to sell. There is no other venue that could have maintained the confidentiality demonstrated by IAG. It has been a most favorable experience working with you and your efforts are most appreciated.

Satisfied Client, Syracuse, New York

“Upon the sale of my very specialized business, I feel compelled to write to you with many thanks for your efforts on my behalf. Your services were instrumental and imperative for the fruition of our endeavor. I could not have researched prospects, much less located qualified buyers without your help. Your staff was most helpful and understanding, and a credit to your organization. I am most grateful for all that you have done, especially in the time frame accomplished.”

Satisfied Client, Milledgeville, Georgia

“IAG has been more than you have advertised to be. The evaluation took into consideration the customer base. Every month we received a list of prospective buyers. IAG works very closely with both Buyer and Seller in order to make the transaction a success for both parties. I’ve been very pleased with the customer relations we have had.”

Agricultural Manufacturer, Alberta, Canada

“It has been a real pleasure working with the courteous staff at IAG. The confidentiality of our business matters have always been a high priority and IAG handled the sale of our business on a very professional level. They realized what our needs are and together we were able to develop a plan that fits both parties well.”

Satisfied Client, Denver, Colorado

“I greatly appreciate all the excellent work and expertise your agency has provided. I will recommend your organization any time that I hear of a business that comes up for sale. Again, I thank you for your excellent work.”

Office Supplies Store Owner, Calgary, Alberta, CA

“IAG gets it. They understand what we need to communicate about our business to get the most qualified buyers. They work hard to make sure that our business gets the exposure that it deserves in order to receive a fair market value when we sell”

Satisfied Client, Gilbert, Arizona

“I want to thank your company and you personally for the assistance you provided. First, if you weren’t out there it is unlikely we would have found each other. Your services provide a valuable resource for buyers and sellers who don’t’ want to go to the broker route. I appreciate your help and have no reservations about recommending your service to someone else.”